Tony is innocent of this crime and seeks justice in the courts of Texas.

Almost 387 Men are on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit in Texas. One of these men is Tony Medina. Tony Medina, is the 36 years old father of three children. He has been incarcerated on Death Row for the past 15 years. Tony was sentenced to die by lethal injection for a brutal drive-by shooting which left two children dead at a family party.

“Witness To Murder” by Tony Medina

October 28, 2011

You will be aware that in the past few days Tony Medina has approved the final print version of his book “Witness to Murder”. This book represents the labors and patience of years, as Tony sought to bring the dreams of himself and his friend Dominique Green to fruition. And what a book it is …. full of sincere and lovingly crafted poetry and narrative, in which both of these men bare their souls and invite you into their hearts. It is not easy to share the pain that is sometimes expressed, but the journey you undertake in reading this work is a rare insight into the human spirit that strives for understanding, respect, liberation and Justice.

« "There was a lot of people that got me to this point and I can't thank them all. But thank you for your love and support. They have allowed me to do a lot more than I could have on my own . . . . I have overcame a lot. I am not angry but I am disappointed that I was denied justice. But I am happy that I was afforded you all as family and friends. I love you all. Please just keep the struggle going . . . . I am just sorry and I am not as strong as I thought I was going to be. But I guess it only hurts for a little while. You are all my family. Please keep my memory alive."
- Last Words » Dominique Green

We now have the task of presenting this book to the world in order that Tony’s “voice” might be heard. He asks a very basic question – “What is the value of a man’s life?”. As he sits there on death row, for day after day, year after year, waiting and praying for relief in the courts in response to the Habeas Corpus Appeal submitted last May by his attorneys, Tony reflects on this question himself, and wonders if others will do the same in order that he and others on death row might receive the grace of help. I hope all of us will cross the road and pause to help.

So, we ask you to join with us today, in the very tangible act of the purchase of Witness to Murder. Help us to distribute Tony’s voice, and at the same time take the opportunity to marvel at the talent and dreams of a man trapped behind the steel and concrete that is death row. Buy for yourself, recommend to your friends, buy as a Christmas present. For this book to make a difference, it needs to sell in the hundreds if not thousands. Since well over a thousand of you have expressed solidarity with Tony in the past, that should not be an impossible dream. Please, buy today.

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